Welcome to Cumberland Diabetes Center! Thank you for learning more about our medical practice.

Cumberland Diabetes Center was established in 2019 for the purpose of bettering the quality of life of patients affected by diabetes or obesity. Under the vision and direction of John Sherrill, MD, the clinic was created to provide our community with an intensive, patient-centered care model. As a member of Covenant Health, Dr. Sherrill brought this idea to the healthcare delivery network, which embraced the initiative and provided resources to empower our team to combat the diabetes and obesity epidemic.

Cumberland Diabetes Center is recognized by the American Diabetes Association.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a team-based care center that leverages all available resources and innovations to motivate, educate, train, and treat diabetes and obesity.

We’ll collaborate with providers, patients, and the community to provide the best possible care for the prevention, management, and potential remission of diabetes.

We’ll empower patients to achieve and sustain their best quality of life.

Our Goal

Our goal is to support referring providers by coming alongside their patients with focused education and/or intensive management. We want to help prevent progression or complications from diabetes and obesity. To achieve sustainable lifestyle changes and disease management, patients need continuous monitoring, guidance, and support.

Our Healthcare Team

Together, we have more than 30 years of combined medical experience. Our providers are passionate about helping you be the healthiest version of yourself. We want to support you through knowledge and skill to be an active participant in your disease management. Learn about our team.

Our Diabetes and Obesity Management Program

Our program is available to all patients and their families who are motivated to develop knowledge and self-care skills. We empower patients with individualized education, goals, and self-management mentoring.

  • Education covers nutrition, exercise physiology, evidence-based pharmaceutical therapy, behavioral health, weight loss, and tobacco cessation.
  • Self-management plans are built around a patient’s lifestyle, co-morbid conditions, bio-markers, motivations, mental health, and socioeconomic circumstance.

Here is a complete explanation of our program and the services offered.

Please note a physician referral is required for diabetes management but not for weight loss.

Caring for Our Community

Our patients deserve excellent medical care. It’s our commitment at Cumberland Diabetes Center to provide the best possible care to educate and support individuals affected by diabetes or obesity. To truly manage patients holistically, the education and self-care skills can’t be contained to the four walls of the office, but must be include family, the workplace, school, place of worship, and the community.

A Member of Covenant Health

Cumberland Diabetes Center is a proud member of Covenant Health, an award-winning Tennessee healthcare delivery system serving 23 counties and committed to providing excellent care for our 2 million+ patients each year. This means our patients have access to top-performing hospitals and comprehensive services at nearly 150 locations, including 10 hospitals; outpatient clinics; specialized behavioral, oncology and rehabilitation facilities; home care; physician practices, and community programs.

The foundation of our clinic is built on Covenant Health’s pledge:

To put our patients first every day, to strive for excellence in everything we do, and to make us the first and best choice in our region.